Partnership Program

GeoSolutions is aware of the need that exists worldwide for professional services to support the implementation, deployment and maintenance of platforms based on open source geospatial products; therefore, we have decided to create a global network of partners of excellence who would leverage our technical capability and expertise in order to fill this gap and bring their skills and offering to the next level.

Our goal is to create a global network of certified partners which will be able to support the growth and deeper penetration of open source geospatial products like GeoServer, GeoNode and MapStore, by sharing knowledge, receiving direct technical and commercial help as well as anything that can help them with positively addressing the increased demand for professional support services and solutions, because together we are stronger!

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Current Partners


Leader for 20 years in the field of geomatics, arx iT is an IT services company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial solutions.
Thanks to our historical expertise on proprietary GIS products, arx iT is particularly specialized in consulting, expertise and implementation of hybrid GIS architecture (mix of proprietary and open source solutions). Our range of service covers all the geoinformatics needs: GIS consulting and expertise, Spatial data engineering, Integration of customized solutions, Training, GIS Outsourcing and Third Party Application Maintenance. Our services are part of a real quality approach, thanks to our ISO 9001 quality certification.

Ecoplan is a company based in Bosnia & Herzegovina, specialized in spatial and urban planning. Established in 1994, over the past 29 years, Ecoplan has grown to become a one of the spatial consultancy market leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing expertise in a wide range of spatial planning projects. With a remarkable portfolio encompassing over 700 projects, they excel in the domains of spatial plans, urban plans, environmental assessments, vulnerability studies, feasibility studies, transportation studies, traffic safety studies, and more.

Envitia is a geospatial and data software and services provider, serving defence, government and industry customers in the UK and all around the world. Our mission is to help our clients make better operational decisions from their actionable data, using open information-sharing and visualization solutions.

The partnership with GeoSolutions supports Envitia with providing scalable and robust web solutions based on GeoServer, MapStore and GeoNode in the UK.

GeoDataLab is based in Rome and Bologna and mainly focuses on geospatial solutions in several application fields, such as Earth Observation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles traffic management systems, urban planning, and Satellite Remote Sensing. We work with and for high-profile companies providing highly customized GIS software for Data Interchange Services and geo-business intelligence. Among our clients, there are also public institutions and administrations, organizations, and private companies. The solutions we provide range from WebGIS systems, Web & Mobile apps to more complex integrations and data analysis for spatial planning.

The partnership with GeoSolutions supports GeoDataLab business of providing scalable and robust web solutions based on MapStore and GeoServer.

KAN – Territory & IT is a company based in Argentina, with the mission of developing solutions based on the technological data process, to extract real knowledge of the environment and improve business.

Kan Territory & IT is specialized in generating Open Source solutions focused on optimizing the data cycle, on data governance aimed at management of any type of information, whether  geospatial, alphanumeric and statistical. This business vision allows us to integrate platforms as a single solution.
For our implementations we always use data and operation standards such as ISO 19100 Family, OGC, SDMX and Dcat, among others, to facilitate the interoperability of data and solutions, being able to have hybrid solutions with the existing infrastructure and open source products of the community.
Our team is composed by a group of professionals with experience in data management and analysis, AI development, IT, IoT and geospatial technologies for the development of robust and flexible solutions.

This partnership enables KAN to strengthen its offer for geospatial services adding GIS open source technologies, while at the same time GeoSolutions is gaining a strategic partner with a strong footprint in South America, fully committed to supporting the widest possible adoption of main open source products such as GeoServer, MapStore and GeoNode.

Geo Solutions NV is is one of the main players on the GEO-ICT market,  a company established in 2007 in Belgium with the mission of helping customers in using the power of location data in day-to-day business, through a combination of technical, geographical and business knowledge

The Company consists of a team of 105 geographers, informatics, bio- and civil engineers, all passionate about geo-data.
The core business is focus on enabling geo collaboration through solutions to unlock the power of location by sharing information about a location, enabling teams to work together on a location, and making decisions about a location.
Solutions include geo-portals and dashboards, customized geo-applications, GIS integrations, seamlessly integrate IT and GIS technologies, always tailored to the needs of the user.
Geo Solutions NV helps customers in setting up and configuring their open-source GIS so they can use it to support their daily operations. In addition, business analysts and architects help clients with strategic visions while data engineers and analysts analyze the available data in order to gain better policy insights and make more effective decisions.

This partnership enables Geo Solutions NV to strengthen its offer for geospatial services based on GeoNode and MapStore open source software, while  GeoSolutions will gain a strategic ally with a strong footprint in Belgium  and across Europe, fully committed to supporting the widest possible adoption of state of the art geospatial applications.

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