Developer’s Corner: First Official Release of GeoNetwork-Manager library

During our work we support many clients with their GeoNetwork  installations, as a consequence we have found ourselves many times in the position to perform massive operations on metadata, e.g. when ingesting data in real-time via GeoBatch or when importing existing metadata in batch. In the past we have noticed that we were de-facto reusing and growing a small but useful codebase of common methods to interact with GeoNetwork therefore we decided to share them with the world (yeah, we are a bit ambitious 🙂 ) and therefore we created the geonetwork-manager project for this purpose.

geonetwork-manager  is a Java library for interacting with GeoNetwork programmatically. It uses the GeoNetwork’s admin services for the backend communication part, but the HTTP machinery  is completely hidden by the  geonetwork-manager  API itself. Last but not least  geonetwork-manager  is released under the MIT license. By the way, release 1.0 has just been cut and can be found on our maven repository.

In case you are interested in having support for your GeoNetwork installation, Talk to us first!

The GeoSolutions team,