Developers Corner: Improving GeoServer security


during the last few weeks we have been thinking a lot about improving the GeoServer security, making it at the same time easier to integrate with external authorization systems and making it more expressive in terms of what kind of security rules can be expressed.
As part of the work we have been re-evaluating how the security can be applied in an ever growing software like GeoServer without having to cripple the available service abilities or to have to run after the developers constantly adding new features to the system.
The evaluation resulted in a (long-ish) comparison of the possible models, including the all popular security proxy as well as the existing GeoServer implementation, and coming up with an approach that extends what we already have for improved overall security and improved pluggability with existing systems.
Read the full comparison and the proposed solution in this GeoSolutions tech report
Interested in advancing GeoServer security subsystem? Let us know!
The GeoSolutions team