Free Webinar – A DevOps perspective on GeoServer: Deployment planning guidelines

Dear Reader,

The most important part of the work to be performed when setting up a geospatial platform based on GeoServer is to design and plan properly the deployment. As obvious as it may sound, we found that often customers we interact with, tend to lean towards overcomplicated set ups as they they focus on the technologies themselves rather than on the purpose of the platform that they want to deploy. The use cases and the target scenario to address shall drive the technological choice the resources to acquire and the procedures to put in place for managing data publication as well as the promotion of configuration, data and software from development up to the production instances. 

In this free webinar, our Lead DevOps Alessandro Parma, together with our Director Simone Giannecchini, will walk us through the key points to take into account when designing and planning the deployment of GeoServer as the central part of a geospatial platform. They will share their knowledge based on their experience from past projects and the checklist we internally apply. We are going to discuss items like:

GeoServer characteristics, points of strength, limitations and things to know in general to drive the design

how to plan for scalability and high availability, focusing on our specific scenario

how to design a multi environment set up to account for QA over software, data as well as configuration

If you intend to deploy GeoServer or if you are already managing a GeoServer deployment, we believe this webinar can help provide some good hints based on our experience with real world use cases. Therefore, we cordially invite you to a free webinar on May 27 at 11:00 Eastern Time / 15:00 GMT by registering at the link below!


Hope to see you virtually on May 27, meanwhile stay safe and keep strong!


The GeoSolutions Team,