GeoSolutions presentations from FOSS4G 2019!

FOSS4G 2019

Dear Reader,

we are putting together in this post all presentations that were given by our staff during this year FOSS4G in Bucharest, Romania.

Here is the complete list. Enjoy!

State of GeoServer 2019

GeoServer feature frenzy

GeoServer WFS3: introduction to the RESTful, schemaless, JSON first download service

Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer, with SLD, CSS, YSLD and MBStyles

Standing up a OSM clone with GeoServer and CSS

 Crunching Data In GeoServer : Mastering Rendering Transformations, WPS Processes And SQL Views.

Mapping the world beyond Web Mercator

Using the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) to move business logic to the server

State of JAI

Introduction to MapStore, mashups made simple

One Geonode, many Geonodes

State of GeoNode

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The GeoSolutions team,