Fun with MapStore: Italian UNESCO Sites as OpenData

Dear All,
there days the Italian UNESCO Sites of interests have been released as OpenData via this portal (NOTICE; we were not involved :)).

The data can be downloaded, there are WMS and WFS end endpoints available (using GeoServer), and there is a small webgis based on OpenLayers (which could actually be improved a litlle bit 😉 ).
Well, OpenData + Open Services, this is really nice so I thought I could share a map I created with the cloud version of MapStore the same data with proper querying capabilities and so on.

So there you go, here below you can find a pretty simple map that just shows our UNESCO items, you can embed it in your site with the following HTML code:

Next steps would be customizing the info boxes and probaly adding more  markers (get some info here) but I guess for the moment this is enough from us :). Ah yeah, I would probably also make good use of the buffer WMS parameter of configuration to make sure symbologies don’t get cut in tiled development, here is some additional infomation.

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Happy mapping to everybody!

The GeoSolutions team,