GeoNode 4.2 is out + Free GeoNode Webinar

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the new stable release 4.2.2 of GeoNode.  This release includes several enhancements and new features, which also bring a performance boost to the platform.

The main new features that will be detailed below include:

  • Enhanced faceted filtering
  • Location view and management
  • Linked resources

Other improvements that have been implemented:

  • Implemented a generic and pluggable OIDC SocialAccount Provider, which extends and improves the one provided by the allauth module already available in GeoNode
  • Documents from remote URLs can be created by the client upload UI
  • Regions are not assigned to new resources automatically anymore. A pluggable and configurable option lets administrators implement specific logic for the automatic assignment if required
  • Option to configure a WMTS service to generate thumbnail backgrounds
  • The rendering of thumbnails for the maps now takes into account ordering and opacity
  • Implemented the option to not register new users as contributors automatically (default behavior)

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Here below we are providing more information about the most interesting elements of this release.

Enhanced faceted filtering

Filtering of resources has undergone deep refactoring to improve its performance and implement proper (cascaded) faceted filtering. The resources, and their counting, are calculated from the intersection of the topics selected between different filters (AND logic) and the union of the options selected from the same filter (OR logic). This permits to narrow the search and filtering by categories, regions, keywords, resource owners, date range and location. The next version will include filtering by user groups.


Location view and management

A new “Location” tab is available inside the information side panel, where the bounding box of the resource and its centroid are displayed. The location for spatial resources (datasets and maps) is automatically retrieved by the data itself. For non-spatial resources, the same panel gives editors the option to set the bounding box and the position of the resource.


Linked resources

The option to link resources has been extended to any type of resource. It’s possible to relate any resource with any other resource (one or many), and the relationship is displayed inside the new “Lined resources” tab inside the information side panel. The direction of the relationship is also visible since linked resources are displayed under two distinct groups “Linked from” and “Lined to”.

Links between resources can be managed with the “Related resources” field, under the Optional Metadata tab of the Metadata Editor.


The full list of changes and bug fixes can be found in the changelog

Last but not least, we are holding a FREE webinar on March 5th 11:00 AM in Eastern Time / 5pm Central European covering the latest progress for GeoNode. We kindly invite you to join us by registering at the link below!register

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The GeoSolutions team