GeoServer presentation during SDI Days 2013

Dear All,
GeoSolutions has been invited last week to the 2013 edition of the SDI Days which took place on th 26th and 27th of September in Sibenik, Croatia.

The conference was organized by The State Geodetic Administration Croatia, the Joint Research Centre – Institute for Environment and Sustainability and the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Geodetic Engineers.
 The SDI days 2013 focused:

  • on 26th September INSPIRE and integrated land & water management scientific workshop
  • on 27th September 5th NSDI and INSPIRE day.

Simone Giannecchini and Eleonora Fontana were invited to give a talk about current status and future developments in GeoServer which is a mature building block for creating SDIs.
We also had a few interesting exchanges on the motivation that pushes us to release our work as Open Source as well as the best approach to embarcing Open Source software for someone who is coming from using proprietary software, we might create a separate blog post to go over these points.

We’d like to thank the organizers for the quality of the event as well as for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to talk about what GeoServer; moreover we’d like to remark on the quality and diversity of the presentations as we were able to hear real world experiences  from Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Italy and more.

Here below you can find the slides from the presentation.

If you’d like to know more about what you could achieve with GeoServer, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. If you need professional services to get started with Open Source software make sure to have a look at our GeoSolutions Enterprise Services.

The GeoSolutions team.