GeoSolutions becomes OGC Member


Dear All,

just a few words to say that we have eventually decided to become OGC Members in order to put a legal stamp on our long standing committment to interoperable solutions built with our open source products GeoServer, MapStore and GeoNetwork.

In particular this year we are involved in the OGC Testbed 12 (more info here) together with our Austrian partner EOX (see the slides from the March KO meeting here) where we are doing work towards extending support for serving spatiotemporal data (expecially from the NetCDF format) in GeoServer. Please, notice that the initiative is underway and the final direction is up to the testbed sponsors and participants which means that our contributions are under consideration. However, we will strive to open source as much as possible about what we do and portions hof our work are already part of GeoServer (see previous post on spatiotemporal extensions for GeoServer).

If your organization is seeking a technical partner for your endevours with interoperability and OGC Standards, GeoSolutions will provide you with more than 10 years of experience in supporting clients all over the worlds in a wide variety of fields with designing, implementing and operating interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructures based on Open Source software, hence do not hesitate and get in touch with us and make sure to check our Enterprise Services Offer which is the contracting whicle we use to help our clients reach their goal with our products.

The GeoSolutions Team,