GeoSolutions’ Presentations at FOSS4G 2016

FOSS4G 2016

Dear Readers,

As we have previously announced, GeoSolutions will be attending FOSS4G Bonn 2016, from 22nd to 26th of August. Our technical lead Andrea Aime together with our Director Simone Giannecchini will hold a few presentations involving GeoServer and MapStore:

August 24th, Wednesday:

  • MapStore 2, modern mashups with OL3, Leaflet and React. 11.00. More information here.
  • Serving earth observation data with GeoServer: addressing real world requirements GeoServer. 14.30. More information here.

August 25th, Thursday:

  • Mastering Security with GeoServer and GeoFence. 9.30. More information here.
  • State of GeoServer. 11.00. More information here.
  • GeoServer in Production: we do it, here is how! 11.30. More information here.
  • Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer : mastering SLD and CSS styles. 14.30. More information here.

August 26th, Friday:

  • Crunching Data In GeoServer : Mastering Rendering Transformations, WPS Processes And SQL Views. 11.00. More information here.

Find the detailed conference program here.

Contact us if you want further information! Hope to see you in Bonn next August to talk about GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork as well as to discuss our our Enterprise Support Services can help your organization reach his goals with confidence.

The GeoSolutions Team,