GWT-OpenLayers release 0.6

A lot of improvements and some initial alignment with OpenLayers 2.11 have been made on the fresh release of GWT-OpenLayers library.

Actually the developers are also evaluating a brand new refactored showcase and a full alignment with OpenLayers 2.11.
The releases are available for the download here:
On release 0.6 the major improvements are:
  • Implementation of OL client Icon
  • The possibility of removing layers from the map and changing the z-level
  • New zoom and pan controls for the map
  • Implementation of OL Dot Per Inch
  • Implementation of OL Styling
  • Implementation of OL Graticule
  • Improvements to OL Controls
  • Some nice Vectorial features stuff, along with measurements and geometric operations
  • Navigation History
  • Snapping
  • GML improvements
  • WMS Operations improvements
  • Markers
  • Google, VirtualEarth, Bing and OSM Layers improvements
  • TileManagerService Layers
  • PopUps improvements
  • Protocols improvements
  • A new showcase and a lot of examples

Alessio Fabiani has taken care of the 0.6 release as an active committer and administrator of the project.

the GeoSolutions Team.