Developer’s Corner: MapStore 1.6 released with Templates and Mobile Android Version!


We are proud to announce the new official release 1.6 of MapStore, the simple and intuitive way to create, save and share maps.

MapStore is free and Open Source software as it is licensed under the GPL license.

Here is a list of the most important features included in this release:

  • #337 Introduced Basic MapStore Templating System
  • #339 Use Widgets instead plugins for new SpatialSelectorQuery form
  • #350 FeatureGrid fixes
  • #352 BBox query form or spatial query with manually added WMS servers bug
  • #355 Translations for Spatial Selectors and Spatial Selector Query form
  • #361 JS Error Importing .map context in Chrome bug
  • #364 QueryForm bytype value widgets and optional validation
  • #366 Manager translation review
  • #367 Imported resources
  • #370 Replace advancedScaleOverlay config option scaleOverlayMode
  • #373 Save map functionality don’t save new layers and sources bug
  • #374 Add a default value to the template combo box on map creation
  • #378 More fixes/improvements to the MapManager/WebGIS interaction
  • #380 New admins can delete themselves from the usermanager
  • #397 Groups’s rights
  • #406 Introduce the opensdi2-manager in binary dist

If you need further info look at the complete list of included issues and the MapStore 1.6 Release Notes.

With MapStore you can mashup contents from Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Bing or specific WMS services provided by you or third party content providers. Visit our online demo or download the MapStore binary, read the Quick Start guide and start to create and share your own maps. If you need more info, please check to the complete documentation wiki.

New Templating System 

You havenow the possibility to easily create and manage templates for your maps (customizing Header and Footer).  More precisely there is now support for the following capabilities:

  • CSS management.
  • Banner/Footer content management (using an easly WYSIWYG component that allow you to upload also images).
  • Possibility to interact with configuration options for the Banner/Footer panels.
  • Assigning an existing template to a Map.

Improved Users Management

You have now the possibility to:

  • Create and manage groups.
  • Manage permissions for a certain Map.
  • Assign to an user meta information (like organization, email and notes).
  • Integrate GeoServer and MapStore users with the possibility to use the GeoServer’s data/service rights during the Map visualizzation.


With this release you can also try  the new  Android MapStore Mobile version. You can get it via the GRCode below:


Here a list of features of this application:

Local Database

  • Browse the local database and add layers to the map
  • Spatial Query on the local database
  • features that intersects a Bounding box
  • features that intersects a Circle (width center coordinates and radius size)
  • features that intersects Point (with a configurable buffer)
  • features that intersects a Polygon



  • shape
  • fill color and opacity
  • border color and opacity


  • dashing style
  • line color and opacity


  • Border color, dashing style and Opacity
  • fill color and opacity
  • Max and Min zoom level to display the features.
  • Decimation factor


  • Draw my position on the map
  • Follow my position


  • Offline background and usage of spatialite database

Online Maps

  • Allows to load maps and add WMS Layers from any MapStore Instance on the web.
  • Smart network usage grouping requests to the same WMS servers.
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The GeoSolutions team,