MapStore Release 2019.01.01

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release 2019.01.01 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source WebGIS product. The full list of changes for this release can be found here, but the most interesting additions are the following:

  • GeoNode Integration: we have also completed the integration in GeoNode, which will be release shortly after this release
  • Advanced options for sharing maps: a new option has been added to the Share tool to allow users to share maps that need to be zoomed to a specific bounding box at startup
  • Widgets Tray: a plugin that allows to expand/collapse widgets
  • Hardening: many bug fixes and performance improvements (also for Timeline and Style Editor components)

GeoNode Integration

During the last year we have also provided a GeoNode plugin that allows to integrate MapStore as GeoNode WebGIS Viewer and it will be available in June using this MapStore release, stay tuned to keep more information on this really soon!

MapStore integration in GeoNode

MapStore integration in GeoNode

Advanced options for sharing maps

An additional option to the shareable map link is now available to include the bounding box parameter as query param, the value corresponds to the current extent in the viewport. This feature allows to center the map on load to a specific extent at startup.

bbox advanced option in map share tool

bbox advanced option in map share tool

Widgets Tray

A plugin that allow to expand/collapse widgets one by one. In the tray you can see one item for each widget. You can click on these items to collapse or expand the single widgets. A ‘Collapse All’ button allow to collapse or expand all widgets at once.

The Tray tool that allow to collapse widgets all together or one by one

The Tray tool that allows to collapse widgets all together or one by one


A significative number of bug fixes and improvements have been applied to the Timeline and StyleEditor tools. Other bug fixes and improvements have been also applied for the FeatureGrid component and QueryPanel. You can find the complete list on Github here.

Ongoing and future work

For the next releases we have plans to work on the following (in sparse order):

  • Support for more general map annotations, beyond simple markers (expected release in early July with the next major release of MapStore)
  • Further improvements to charts and dashboards (we have in plan to add some interesting capabilities, stay tuned!)
  • Ability to create storytelling resources a-la StoryMaps
  • Support for multiple map projections (expected release in early July with the next major release of MapStore)
  • Improvements to the existing tools like Measurement, Search and Catalog (some of them expected in the next major release)
  • Vector Tiles and MapBox Style support

Stay tuned for additional news on the next features!

If you are interested in learning about how we can help you achieving your goals with open source products like GeoServerMapstore, GeoNode and GeoNetwork through our Enterprise Support Services and GeoServer Deployment Warranty offerings, feel free to contact us!

The GeoSolutions team,