MapStore Release 2023.02.01

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the new release 2023.02.01 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source WebGIS product, which follows closely the latest major release 2023.02.00. In Github it is possible to consult the full list of new features, enhancements and fixes we have provided within the 2023.02 series (2023.02.00 and 2023.02.01).

We want to thank everyone who contributed to all new features and improvements that are included in this series 2023.02, primarily the Municipality of Florence, Rennes Métropole and AtolCD.

The main focus of these releases was to implement a large number of improvements for 3D support. Let’s now take a look together at the most relevants of these improvements.

Geoprocessing Tools plugin

A new experimental tool to provide geo-processing capabilities leveraging the GeoServer processing capabilities. Buffer and Intersection operations are available and more tools will be included in new releases.

Permalink support for Share plugin

It is now possible to create permalinks for MapStore resources (maps, dashboards and geostories) to share them online without the need to save your local changes before.

Import/export of application contexts

Like for other MapStore resources, import/export capabilities are now available also for application contexts to make them more portable across different MapStore installations.

Longitudinal profile plugin

Given a DEM or bathymetric layer as a source and a path provided over it, this new tool allows the longitudinal profile to be calculated and displayed within an interactive chart. The tool runs on an equally new WPS process on the GeoServer side created for the purpose.

Aliases for feature attributes

Finally, MapStore offers the ability to configure aliases for feature attribute names for all tools that use them for their purposes and functionalities within the application.

WMS caching with custom scales

MapStore now allows a more fine and effective tuning of caching options and strategies for WMS layers in TOC where GeoWebCache is used for caching purposes on the server side. The support is now available also for scenarios where custom map scales are used on the MapStore side. Check for more details in the online documentation!

Experimental Support for cloud-optimized geotiff (COG) layers

We introduced experimental support for the visualization of COG layers in MapStore; a new COG source type now available in the Catalog tool. Notice that since COG support is still in experimental state, it is not yet available by default. Further enhancements and bug fixes have been released as part of the next release.

Updated libraries

As a requirement for new features delivered in 2023.02 but also for improvements and features expected for 2024.01 series, both Openlayers and CesiumJS dependencies have been updated respectively to v7.4.0 and v1.106.1.

Printing rotated maps

The Print tool in MapStore has been enriched with a new option for printing rotated maps.

Rotated Map in MapStore printing tool

Rotated Map in MapStore printing tool

WMS interoperability enhancements

The MapStore interoperability for WMS has been improved to better handle available GetMap formats for a given WMS source in Catalog tool and Layer Settings. The concept of Source type has been also included to better distinguish GeoServer sources from the others and so improve the interoperability in managing vendor options. Enhancements to better handle available GetFeatureInfo formats for a given WMS source in Catalog tool and Layer Settings have been also included.

WMS Interoperability with MapStore

WMS Interoperability with MapStore

Persist viewer type when saving a map

The map type (2D or 3D) is now persisted within the map state when saving a map to improve the user experience. As for the map type also the map camera orientation in 3D mode is now persisted when saving a map. We are continuously working across different version of the application to improve the user experience and the usability of MapStore tools (notice that the map below also provides a preview of the multivariable widgets functionality which will be released in the next major release).

Map widgets and annotations available in 3D mode

MapStore widgets (i.e. charts, tables, legends) are now available also in 3D mode. This is a very useful further step in hardening the 3D features.

MapStore widgets in 3D mode

MapStore widgets in 3D mode

Ongoing and future work

For the next releases we are working on the following functionalities (in sparse order):

  • Multivariable Charts: the ability to define multiple charts on the same widget
Multivariable charts

Multivariable charts

  • Editing Annotations in 3D mode: it will be possible to create and edit annotations also in 3D mode
Annotation Editing in 3D mode

Annotation Editing in 3D mode

  • UI/UX resking and refactor of the Annotation tool: the entire annotation tool will have a completely new skin with improved UX for creating and styling annotations also in 3D mode
Annotation Editing in 3D mode

Annotation UI/UX enhanced

  • Styling classification for WFS and Vector layers: it will be possible to manage classified styles directly client side with an improved style editor for vector and WFS layers
Layer client side classification for WFS and vector layers

Layer client side classification for WFS and vector layers

  • Improving capabilities of Dashboards and MapStore widgets: more configuration options for widgets and Details function also available for dashboards
  • Extruded features in Cesium 3D: the style editor for vector and WFS layers will provide the ability to manage client side the extrusion of layer features
Extruded features in MapStore

Extruded features in MapStore

  • Many more will land in 2024.01.00 so, stay tuned

If you want to play with the current release, you can access the live demo here and login with username demo and password 123demoUser.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you develop a WebGIS using MapStore or help you achieve your needs with MapStore, GeoServerGeoNode and GeoNetwork through our Enterprise Support Services, Professional Training Services and Subscription Services  please contact us!

The GeoSolutions team,