New Release of MapStore with Cesium Integration


Dear Reader,

we are pleased to announce a new release of MapStore, our flagship Open Source webgis product, which we have tagged 2017.03.01, the full list of changes for this release can be found here. This release is mostly composed of bug fixes, but it also contains a couple of improvements:

  • Improved 3D Map support
  • Review of the Background Switcher tool

Improved 3D Map support

This release improves 3D map support based on the CesiumJS library.

 In particular we added:

  • first class support of CesiumJS in the standard map library selection tool in the MapStore HomePage:


  • the new 3D switcher tool in the map toolbar


  • several other fixes and improvements to make 3d maps work (mostly) the same as 2d maps.

Also, if you create an application using the createProject script, you will get full CesiumJS support, without manual intervention.

Review of the BackgroundSwitcher tool

We did a complete review of the background layer switcher to make it more user friendly and prominent in the UI.


The new tool is immediately available on the map (no more need to open the TOC to get access to it) and allows switching to a new background in just two clicks.

Future Work

In the next release we will focus on implementing vector editing functionalities for data served through the WFS-T protocol, both for the alphanumeric and geometric attributes. 

Stay tuned for more news on this blog as well as on the Mapstore mailing lists.

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The GeoSolutions team,