GeoSolutions’ Workshop and Presentations at FOSS4G Seoul 2015

Dear readers,

Last week (14-19 September) GeoSolutions attended the annual FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul. Our technical lead Andrea Aime was in Seoul holding one workshop (about GeoServer) and various presentations. Below we provide the links for the workshop’s materials and the slides of each presentations held by GeoSolutions at FOSS4G 2015.

– “Web Mapping with OGC Services and GeoServer: an Introduction.” (15th September) You can find the materials and the instructions here, while this is the link for the direct download of the Linux-based ISO and this is the link for the Windows package.

–  “GeoServer for Spatio-temporal Data Handling With Examples For MetOc And Remote Sensing.”(16th September) Find the slides here.
– “Mapping the world beyond web mercator.” (16th September) Find the slides here.
GeoServer on steroids.” Find the slides here. (17th September)
– “Mapping in GeoServer with SLD and CSS.” (17th September)
Find the slides here.
– “Advanced Security with GeoServer and GeoFence.” (18th September)
Find the slides here.
– “Raster Data In GeoServer and GeoTools: Achievements, Issues And Future Developments.” (18th September)
Find the slides here.

GeoSolutions thanks everyone who has attended our workshop and presentations at FOSS4G 2015, we are really grateful! We hope you will find useful the workshop materials these slides.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

The GeoSolutions Team,