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State of GeoNode Free Webinar – Release 3.3.1 and preview of 4.0

Dear Reader, One of the core technologies in a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is a catalog. Catalogs have become more powerful since now days they also play the role of Geospatial web portals. Portals are providing the virtual place for not only users to discover, access, view and download data, but also for data providers to have a central place to post data and create immersive stories in a collaborative environment. With GeoNode data providers can upload data (e.g. shapefile, GeoTIFF)  and in immediately that data will be available via open standards. It also allows to register services form external...


MapStore Release 2021.02.00 and beyond – Free Webinar

Dear Reader, our popular Web GIS Client MapStore just had a new major release , the second one of this year for which complete information is available in this blog. As usual, we will host a webinar on December 7th to learn more about the new features, what is coming in the near future, and for you to interact with the core developers of MapStore. You can register here below for free! We are now going to highligh our favorite features in this release. MapStore Theme System What an amazing new feature has finally landed in MapStore! The MapStore theme system...


Free Webinar – Set up and Operate a GeoServer Cluster in Kubernetes

Post Webinar edit --> slides and recording are posted at the end of this page (see the first comment!) Dear Reader, Wondering whether you can run GeoServer in Kubernetes? Yes you can! In this webinar we're going to share our experience and guide you through setting up your own GeoServer cluster in K8s. Our Lead DevOps Alessandro Parma, together with our Director Simone Giannecchini, will talk about the pros and cons and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about running or migrating your geospatial applications in Kubernetes and how to approach the migration. We know...


Free Webinar – A DevOps Perspective on GeoServer: Monitoring, Metering, Logging and Troubleshooting a GeoServer Installation

Update: please, find recording & slides at the end of the page in the comments section! Dear Reader, A proper GeoServer deployment does not end when we have gone into production, quite the contrary! As we usually say here, the fun starts when you go into production since despite all the preparation work we have done there is always something we have not taken into account or just because life is not perfect. It is crucial to plan and implement properly tools and procedures for the following topics (notice that the first three are also known as the pillars of...


Free Webinar – A DevOps perspective on GeoServer: Deployment planning guidelines

Dear Reader, The most important part of the work to be performed when setting up a geospatial platform based on GeoServer is to design and plan properly the deployment. As obvious as it may sound, we found that often customers we interact with, tend to lean towards overcomplicated set ups as they they focus on the technologies themselves rather than on the purpose of the platform that they want to deploy. The use cases and the target scenario to address shall drive the technological choice the resources to acquire and the procedures to put in place for managing data publication as well as the...