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State of MapStore Release 2021.01.00 and Beyond – Free Webinar

Dear Reader, our popular Web GIS Client MapStore just had a new release. This release comes with lots of bells and whistles, the complete information is available in this blog.  We will host a webinar on March 3rd to learn more about the new features, what is coming in the near future, and for you to interact with the core developers of MapStore. I'm highlighting my favorite new features in this release. Compare Tool One of the most useful visual analysis tools is to have the ability to compare two datasets in different periods of time. Two popular ways to...


Webinar: State of GeoServer Q1 2021, 2.18 and beyond

Dear Reader, GeoServer keeps advancing with a great support from the community and the trust that organizations are putting in one of the most  popular open source tools to publish geospatial data. We, at GeoSolutions, are very fortunate to have in our team key code contributors, as well as, customers that support the advancement of GeoServer for the greater benefit of the geospatial community. Version 2.18 was released some months ago (see official blog) and the new release, 2.19 is, coming in the next month. This blog highlights the new functionalities and provides the information for our next webinar on February 3rd where you can learn more about...