Environment – UNESCO IHP Water Information Network System

Project types: Application development
Customer: UNESCO

The International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO has contracted GeoSolutions in order to advance the Water Information Network System (IHP-WINS) geoportal based on the GeoNode product. The IHP-WINS platform is available at this link.

Unesco IHP-Wins Homepage

GeoSolutions has performed a variety of tasks under UNESCO personnel’s guidance:

  • Migration from an order version of GeoNode to a newer version
  • Support for vector data time series upload, ingestion and visualization
  • Improved data download
  • Improved notifications and user management
  • Improved publishing workflow
  • Social logins to allow users to register using their existing linkedin or facebook accounts

and many more.

UNESCO IHP Wins Layers List

Citing the portal information page, IHP-WINS is an open-access, knowledge-sharing platform on water-related issues at all levels, which is freely made available by the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO. One of the main objectives of the platform is to empower users to share geospatial data through a simple process, and to easily produce maps with information already available on the platform.

IHP-WINS provides a platform for sharing any type of information related to water. Although data hosted on IHP-WINS is mostly in the form of GIS layers that can be overlaid for users to visualize information and create maps tailored to their own needs, contributors can share information in various other formats (i.e. images, videos, PDF, webinars, etc.). Data can be of various scales (global, regional, national and local), and can relate to any aspects of water resources (quality, quantity, governance, risk, use, supply, groundwater, gender, SDG targets and indicators, etc.). Both quantitative data and qualitative data are welcomed on IHP-WINS.

Additionally, all data shared on IHP-WINS benefit from metadata in a standardized format, allowing for an accurate identification and crediting of any elements, and easy later sharing. Plus, a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is attributed to layers, maps, documents in order to provide a stable base for referencing data and to reference track the electronic resources published on IHP-WINS. Unless otherwise specified by the contributors, all information is shared in an open-access manner, thus made available for free download.

IHP-WINS also aims at encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among water-related stakeholders. Contributors are encouraged to gather in working groups, in order to facilitate exchange and give feedbacks on their current work, as well as reinforced professional networking and mentoring among water-related stakeholders.

Unesco IHP Wins Advanced Mapping Capabilities

It has been a pleasure to work with the UNESCO team on such interesting but challenging topics and we look forward to yet more future challenges.

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