Hibernating GeoServer: seeking for scalability and robustness

I thought it would have been worth spending a few minutes to let people know about this development that we are bringing forward at GeoSolutions.Being not only GeoServer developers but also GeoServer hungry users, we have been a bit unpleased in the past by the scalability problems that it was showing by the fact that:GeoServer was keeping all its configuration into memoryGeoServer was making use XML files to handle its internal configurationNow a lot of work has been lately for the upcoming 2.0 version of GeoServer, however, while 2 has been made less evident by GSIP 36 1 has not...


GeoSolutions is supporting the G8 meeting @ l’Aquila

GeoSolutions, in coordination with the geoSDI team, has helped to build and set up the geospatial portal and SDI used by the Italian Civil Protection and the G8 help desk, as you can see here and here, to support the G8 meeting at L'Aquila, Italy. The building blocks are well-known open source projects, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, geoSDI-ERA, OpenLayers, Hibernate.For those of you that don't have access to the portal I am posting here below some screenshots of the portal showing data from various WMS servers.In the pictures above you can se the portal overlaying WMS layers from differentWMS servers which have...