Smart Cities – Hybrid GIS Geoportal for City of Genova

Project types: Application development
Customer: City of Genova

The City of Genova (Italy), home of one of the main ports in Italy, is relying on MapStore and GeoServer for its multifaceted GIS infrastructure. Maps published in MapStore cover a wide range of types and services, from Civil Protection Data, to Mobile Antennas, Acoustic Zonation, Cadastrial Data, Energy Efficiency and many more.

City of Genova Geoportal Homepage with MapStore

Map for Civil Protections Data

A few dashboards are also in use to present nice integrated views on various aspects of City daily functioning like Snow Emergency management, Touristics Structures summary information, Accessibility Information and more like the Energy Atlas below.

Energy Atlas Dashboard at work

The infrastructure is an Hybrid GIS infrastructure since it nicely mixes proprietary solutions on which the whole city infrastructure is relying like the Oracle DBMS and Microsoft Active Directory with our Open Source products MapStore and GeoServer. Authentication based on the Italian public digital identity system SPID has been implemented to simplify end user access to restricted content for which also the GeoFence free and open source extension for GeoServer is in place to have fine grain control over who can access which layer at the attribute level or just to decide which layers accessible outside the City internal network or not.

SPID Authentication for MapStore

The infrastructure is highly available and scalable as it features a cluster of GeoServer instances with integrated caching based on GeoWebCache which can be scaled up and down depending on expected traffic; it has proven to be reliable under heavy load as it was use in the last years to publish elections results in real time which attracted quite a load on top of the usual traffic which is already pretty heavy.

We are proud to work with organizations like the City of Genoa in such challenging projects where we actually see our work impacting important use cases and being able to make a difference.

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