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One click away from GeoNode with Rancher and Docker

Anyone who has had the chance to install GeoNode knows that setting it up means having to deal with a whole stack of software components. PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver, Celery, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch are the key elements for a complete GeoNode setup that allows to exploit the complete set of functionalities offered by the platform. GeoNode provides a setup procedure (based on Paver) that simplifies the process for testing and development purposes, but a production-ready deployment requires more steps to configure and integrate the individual components to offer a reliable and robust setup. Docker, Rancher and GeoNode The past years have seen the rise of DevOps technologies that...

WFS 3.0

A WFS 3.0 prototype in GeoServer; are we getting it right?

Dear Reader, Let us start with a word of caution, this is going to be a rather technical post on the new version of the OGC WFS protocol, so do not expect nice images but rather a technical discussion about protocols, formats and the like. Good news is that you will not see much XML which is 180 degrees change with respect to working with current OGC protocols; although “everybody loves XML” this will make a few people in the GIS community happy (hey JS developer… yes, I am talking to you…). So, if you still haven’t moved away from this...

GeoNode SUmmit 2018

GeoNode Summit 2018

Dear Reader, GeoSolutions will sponsor and participate to the GeoNode Summit 2018 which will take place in Turin, Italy from 26th to 28th of March 2018. It will bring together developers and users of GeoNode for an intense 3 days marathon that will cover users and developers workshops, thematic presentation on how organizations are using GeoNode and, last but not least, a roadmapping session to talk about the future of GeoNode itself. The programme is available here (mind you, this is still changing to accomodate new content). Alessio Fabiani, our GeoNode Technical Lead will provide the user workshop on the afternoon of the 26th, moreover...


Latest on GeoNode: Local Monitoring Dashboard

Dear All, in this post we would like to introduce a plugin which we have developed for GeoNode and released it as Open Source (full documentation available here) in order to give users the ability to to keep under control hardware load as well as software load on a GeoNode installation. This plugin is called Monitoring, it is available as an Open Source contrib module for GeoNode, documentation on how to enable it and configure it, can be found here. Overview of the monitoring capabilities We are now going to provide an overview of the functionalities provided by this plugin; it is worth to point out that given...


New release of MapStore with Charts and Revised Filtering

Dear Reader, we are pleased to announce the release 2018.01.00 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source webgis product. The full list of changes for this release can be found here, but the most interesting additions are the following: Charts: you can now add charts to your maps for data analysis. New Simplified Query Builder with Cross Layer Filtering: support for cross layer filtering from the query builder. Various bug fixes and performance improvements. More on charts With this release we added an important data analysis tool that can enhance your maps with useful data. MapStore now allows to quickly generate charts (pies, lines, bars,...