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ASITA 2018

GeoSolutions presente ad ASITA 2018

GeoSolutions sarà presente alla 22esima conferenza nazionale ASITA dal 27 al 29 Novembre 2018 presso l'hotel Four Points Sheraton a Bolzano con un proprio stand, dove vi aspettano per parlare di come poter soddisfare i vostri bisogni attraverso i nostri prodotti Open Source GeoServer, MapStore e GeoNode ed attraverso i nostri piani di supporto professionale e consulenza.   Durante la conferenze i tecnici di GeoSolutions prenderanno parte Martedì 27 Novembre dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 18:30 alla sessione parallela #2 "Infrastrutture di dati geografici e interoperabilità" con i seguenti interventi: MapStore: Modern WebMapping con OpenLayers, Leaflet e React con Mauro Bartolomeoli GeoServer, il server open source per la gestione...


Developer’s Corner: DXF output format promoted to official extension for GeoServer

Dear all,as you may already know, GeoServer supports a wide variety of formats as an output of the WFS OGC service, to represent vector feature data. Such formats include the OGC standard GML XML based format (in its various versions), but also more "user friendly" ones such as the shapefile format, GeoJSON, CSV and so on.Some formats that are not supported by default, but that are used by some people working in the GIS field, are CAD formats. Among them, the most used in absolute (thinking of open formats) is DXF, the standard AutoCad file interchange format.Many GIS tools, for...


GeoSolutions presenting GeoServer for serving Meteorological Data at ECMWF

Dear All,a couple of weeks ago we have been invited to ECMFW for the MOS14 Workshop to give a presentation on the current and future capabilities of GeoServer for serving Metereological and Oceanographic data.Here below you can find the presentation that was given by Simone Giannecchini. In addition to an in-depth discussion about GeoServer capabilities a few real-world use cases area also presented. Using GeoServer for spatio-temporal data management with examples for MetOc and remote sensing from GeoSolutions If you'd like to know more about what you could achieve with GeoServer, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. If you need professional services to get...


GeoServer presentation during SDI Days 2013

Dear All,GeoSolutions has been invited last week to the 2013 edition of the SDI Days which took place on th 26th and 27th of September in Sibenik, Croatia.The conference was organized by The State Geodetic Administration Croatia, the Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustainability and the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Geodetic Engineers. The SDI days 2013 focused:on 26th September INSPIRE and integrated land & water management scientific workshopon 27th September 5th NSDI and INSPIRE day.Simone Giannecchini and Eleonora Fontana were invited to give a talk about current status and future developments in GeoServer which is a mature building block for creating...


Introducing GeoServer Enterprise

Dear All,we are happy to announce the creation of the GeoServer Enterprise project which has been developed by GeoSolutions leveraging on the Community version of GeoServer to provide long term support releases. Superior Stability & Long Term Support ReleasesGeoServer has recently adopted a Time Boxed Release model that results in a new major release every six months (and a bug fix release of the current stable series every month).This is following closely the Release Early, Release Often  Open Source Mantra, and it's required to avoid piling up too many new features in major releases (past difficulties to release a new major were due to...