ASITA 2018

GeoSolutions presente ad ASITA 2018

GeoSolutions sarà presente alla 22esima conferenza nazionale ASITA dal 27 al 29 Novembre 2018 presso l'hotel Four Points Sheraton a Bolzano con un proprio stand, dove vi aspettano per parlare di come poter soddisfare i vostri bisogni attraverso i nostri prodotti Open Source GeoServer, MapStore e GeoNode ed attraverso i nostri piani di supporto professionale e consulenza.   Durante la conferenze i tecnici di GeoSolutions prenderanno parte Martedì 27 Novembre dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 18:30 alla sessione parallela #2 "Infrastrutture di dati geografici e interoperabilità" con i seguenti interventi: MapStore: Modern WebMapping con OpenLayers, Leaflet e React con Mauro Bartolomeoli GeoServer, il server open source per la gestione...

INSPIRE Conference 2018

GeoSolutions workshop and presentation at INSPIRE Conference 2018

Dear All, we are writing this blog post to thank all those who attended our GeoServer workshop and presentation, as well as those who talked to us at our booth at the INSPIRE Conference 2018 in Antwerp last week. The material for the GeoServer is available online here (see the INSPIRE and Complex Features sections) and it requires you to download the training package, available here, that contains all the data and software needed to perform the exercises (find the instructions for getting started here). As of the presentation INSPIRE services with GeoServer and HALE, where are we? we gave, you can find it here below....


MapStore Release 2018.02.00: Dashboards and more

Dear Reader, We are pleased to announce the new release 2018.02.00 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source WebGIS product. The full list of changes for this release can be found here, but the most interesting additions are the following: Dashboards: you can now create your own dashboard to mix maps with charts and other widgets to create advanced visualizations that you can  save and share as you already do with maps Improved Homepage: we added support for featured maps and dashboards so that you can make most importan maps and dashboards more prominent Widgets: new Rich Text widget, available both for maps and dashboards...


MapStore in the Austro Control Spatial Data Infrastructure: supporting dissemination of aeronautical data

Dear Reader, In this post we would like to cover the work we have performed recently for Austro Control GmbH. Austro Control is one of Europe’s leading air traffic control organisations. There are up to 3,500 controlled flights in Austrian airspace on some days. With a workforce of about 1,000, Austro Control’s key task is maintaining safe, punctual, efficient and environmentally friendly air traffic round the clock, 365 days a year, with over 1 million flight movements in Austrian airspace. Austro Control is a limited company (plc) owned by the Austrian government that grew from the Federal Office of Civil...

FOSS4G 2018

GeoSolutions presentations from FOSS4G 2018!

Dear Reader, we are putting together in this post all presentations that were given by our staff during this year FOSS4G in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. Here is the complete list. Enjoy! State of GeoServer 2018 Serving earth observation data with GeoServer: addressing real world requirements Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer, with SLD, CSS, YSLD and MBStyles Crunching Data In GeoServer: Mastering Rendering Transformations, WPS And SQL Views GeoServer in production. We do it, here is how! One GeoNode, many GeoNodesMapping beyond web mercatorMapStore 2, the story If you want further information, do not hesitate to contact us. The GeoSolutions Team,