Crowdfunding Initiative: QGIS-GeoServer Styling Interoperability

Dear Reader, as we promised a few months ago we are proposing in this post a comprehensive approach that will allow to reach full interoperability between QGIS and GeoServer when it comes to styling data in QGIS itself and then export to GeoServer. As we described in this post we have invested some of our own time in order to get a better understanding of the QGIS platform (and of our speed of execution while working on it) as well as to estimate the total effort in reaching full interoperability as mentioned above. Such work is already part of both...

MapStore Release 2016.04.00

Developer’s Corner: New Release of MapStore 2

Dear Readers, we are pleased to announce a new release of MapStore 2, our flagship Open Source webgis product, which we have called 2016.04.00. The full list of changes for this release can be found here, but let's concentrate on the most interesting ones. Groups Manager Quite some work has been performed in order to implement Groups Management together with some long waited improvements to the Users Manager. Now Groups can be fully managed via the GUI, as shown below, (mind you, one must have administrator role!) so we can assign maps' permissions directly to groups rather than to single users....

OAUTH2 GeoServer

Developer’s Corner: OAuth2 for GeoServer

Dear Readers, in this post we would like to describe work that we have done recently on GeoServer to allows user to authenticate with their existing credentials from Google or Github through the OAuth 2.0 protocol.  With this work it is now possible to authenticate as user in GeoServer against providers supporting the OAuth 2.0 protocol (like Google, GitHub, Facebook and more). It allows GeoServer to support multiple OAuth2 Providers at the same time hence it allows the users to choose the preferred login method with just one simple click. Currently we have developed support for both Google and GitHub credentials but more could be added, like Facebook, as...


GeoNode support to the World Bank GFDRR Group

Dear Readers, we are writing this post to inform you that GeoSolutions is proudly supporting the GFDRR Group at the World Bank with support and development services for the GeoNode Open Source platform. GeoNode is an Open Source platform that provide the key functionalities needed to create an interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) based on OGC standards. It allows users to upload their data, style them, create metadata to describe them and eventually create and publish maps fusing different datasets. You can have a peak at the live demo here. Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) Innovation Lab supports the use...


Presto disponibile il profilo DCAT-AP_IT per CKAN

Dear Reader, We apologize in advance, but this post is for our italian readers (hence in Italian only) to announce that we have reached an agreement for the implementation of the DCAT-AP_IT Metadata Profile leveraging on the CKAN Open Data product. Siamo lieti di annunciare che il team di sviluppo di GeoSolutions si appresta ad implementare una estensione per il prodotto Open Source CKAN per la implementazione del profilo di metadati DCAT-AP_IT; lo sviluppo è sostenuta dalla Provincia di Bolzano/Sud Tirol e dalla Provincia di Trento in uno sforzo congiunto e verrà rilasciato gratuitamente con licenza Open Source. GeoSolutions ha sviluppato (o partecipato allo sviluppo) nel...