GeoSolutions Exhibiting at GEOINT 2023!

Dear Reader, We are happy to announce that we are going exhibit at 2023 GEOINT Symposium, which will take place May 21-24, America’s Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, Missouri. We will be thrilled to meet you at our booth 1731 and discuss how we can help you to achieve your goals using our open source products: GeoServer, the leading open source server to publish geospatial data at scale. MapStore, our modular open source WebGIS product to create and publish geospatial data as maps, dashboards and geo stories. GeoNode, the open source GIS platform to create a complete and interoperable spatial data...

Exploring MapStore at work for the City of Genova

Free Webinar: MapStore at work for the City of Genova – towards building a digital twin with open source tools

<<UPDATE: the recording has been posted on our youtube channel; it is also available in the first comment at the end of the post>> Dear Reader, MapStore has been evolving significantly in recent years thanks to the support and trust that more and more organizations place in it and its growing community of both users and developers world wide. Its tools and powerful features have made MapStore the WebGIS solution of choice for many organizations looking for a reliable, highly customizable and extensible open source framework. The City of Genoa (Italy), with its GeoPortal, is one of the most trusting...

GeoNode 4.0.3 Release

GeoNode 4.0.3 is out

Dear Reader, We are pleased to announce the new stable release of GeoNode. This release is the last one of the 4.0.x line. This line includes only fixes for critical bugs and security issues. It doesn't contain feature changes and complete backword compatibilty with 4.0.2 is granted, This release includes upgrades for some core Python dependencies, and the upgrade to Geoserver 2.20.7 which provides important security updates. The full list of changes and bug fixes can be found in the changelog. A wiki page has been created with the procedure to upgrade a GeoNode Project 4 instance to 4.0.3. Additional information...

GeoServer 2.22 Webinar

Free Webinar: State of GeoServer, 2.22 Release

Dear Reader, GeoServer keeps advancing, with great support from the community, and the trust that organizations are putting in one of the most  popular geospatial data web publishing tools. We, at GeoSolutions, are very fortunate to have in our team key code contributors, as well as customers supporting the growth of GeoServer, for the benefit of the whole geospatial community. Version 2.22 was released some months ago (see official blog) and the new release, 2.23, is coming in the next months. You can register by clicking on the button below. This blog highlights the new functionalities and provides the information for our...

GeoNode 4.0.2

GeoNode 4.0.2 is out

Dear Reader, We are pleased to announce the new stable release of GeoNode 4.0.2 with new features and enhancements. This will be, most probably, the latest release for the 4.0.x line. The next one will be 4.1.0, which will introduce several enhancements do the client architecture and upgrades to the backend services, including Geoserver. More details can be found in the Release Schedule page. The full list of changes and bug fixes for this release can be found here, while this blog highlights the most interesting ones. Upgrade of Mapstore Client In this version, mapstore client is updated to version...