Upcoming Free Webinar: What’s new in GeoServer 2.17?

Dear Reader, As most of you readers are aware, GeoServer is a very  popular open source tool to publish geospatial data. We, at GeoSolutions, are very fortunate to have in our team key code contributors, as well as, customers that support the advancement of GeoServer for the greater benefit of the geospatial community. Version 2.17 was released a week ago. A blog with detailed information is available at the GeoServer blog. In this post, I highlight some new functionality and invite you to a webinar on May 11th to learn more about the release from our GeoServer lead developer, Andrea Aime, The GeoServer 2.17 release comes with many interesting...


Health SDI, Simple APIs and Web Map Clients for COVID Tracking

Dear Reader, Sharing of health data has become one of the most important data sharing activities in the last months. The general population and authorities need to know the current situation not only about reported cases, deaths and recovered, but other data (e.g. hospital beds, ventilators, etc.) that supports properly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this health data, there are other non-health datasets (e.g. boundaries, socio-economic data) that provide context, complement and help decision makers better understand the possible actions to take. So, in today’s health emergency situation, an information sharing infrastructure with modern web visualization tools...


Upcoming Free Webinar: Serving OSM Data with GeoServer – Advanced Styling

Dear Reader, Open Street Map (OSM) is a popular collaboration mapping project that has over 2 million registered users. It provides the capability to update, using the power of crowdsourcing, critical information that can help decision makers and citizens to make day-to-day decisions. For example, the Humanitarian Open Street (HOT) Team is coordinating updating the status of hospitals, times that businesses are operating, and other useful data, during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is safe to say that OSM data is successfully used as base maps in a wide variety of tools and services. When it comes to using OSM data in our...


MapStore Release 2020.01.01

Dear Reader, We are pleased to announce the release 2020.01.01 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source webgis product. The full list of changes for this release can be found here, but the most interesting ones are described here below. Important changes for this release Dashboard filtering capabilities: dashboards have been improved by including the possibility to define quick filters across different widgets. The online documentation is available here Various enhancements: the MapStore codebase has been improved to enhance WMTS support with Openlayers, the build process and the general error handling  Hardening: various bug fixes have been provided, the complete list is available here Let...


GeoServer OSM styles, full data directory available

Our GeoServer technical lead, Andrea Aime, presented, during FOSS4G 2019, Bucharest, Standing up an OpenStreeMap clone with GeoServer. The presentation, also available as a video, introduces the audience to the machinery supporting the OSM like map available in the GeoServer home page. That's a large body of work, which improved GeoServer CSS styling, added new rendering engine features, as well as improved map rendering performance for complex maps. You can also have a look at it in our MapStore client embedded here below. Some static  example outputs are reported below. Back at the time, we released the set of CSS styles backing the...